AI Nudifiers - The Best AI XXX Undress Sites List in 2024

AI Nudifier is the most complete list of AI undressing sites in the world, which are born to strip the people inside any image you want. Take a look at our accurate selection of the best AI Porn Sites fully dedicated to the world of undressing and see what this kind of technology can do for you.

Penly AI

There is little to say about Penly; it is the ultimate AI tool for many purposes beyond, as expected, the AI undressing function.
Remove clothes from your photos with one of the most accurate AI XXX sites available and try all its wonderful features like the porn image generator, face swap tool, NSFW chat with virtual characters, and image editor, with where you can do various things like converting an anime image into a real one and vice versa, or extending an existing one. is one of the most comprehensive NSFW AI multi-tool sites and deserves every penny you spend, it’s not for nothing that we put it in the first position.
It would take too long to describe all its functions, but we would like to say that its undressing tool works magnificently, plus the site enjoys an active and comprehensive support service.

Penly AI Pros:

Penly AI Cons:

Penly provides 3 purchase options based on the number of credits you want to buy. You can purchase 250, 1000 or 3000 credits, and each website function has it cost.
The following payment methods are allowed:


PornX is the most used and famous porn site around.
Having been on the market for over a year, it was one of the first (if not the first ever) sites to generate porn images using artificial intelligence.
We at Beyond have seen it grow as if it were a child… over time it has evolved a lot, developing numerous other functions in addition to image generation, and, to date, it boasts a portfolio of cutting-edge tools that make it a site pioneer in this sector.
PornX is always one step ahead of its competitors when it comes to creating new tools and entertainment options for its users.
Its image generation interface is simple to use and full of selectable options and tags, it’s complete with examples and explanatory videos, and it can be used for free and without registering.
This is a significant peculiarity of PornX; it is, in fact, possible to generate an infinite number of images for free without even registering; the only flaw is that the free porn images generation can be used using a limited number of options and tags, which are unlocked by choosing one of its premium subscriptions or purchasing tokens.
Inside the generator we notice the absence of a prompt line for free users (which does not detract from the quality of the site given its enormous offer of tags and selectable options), and the presence of two unique functions recently developed by its programmers, these are the Custom Face and the Custom Pose, through which it is possible to add the face or pose of the character present in another photo in our possession, to the image we want to generate.
Remarkable, truly remarkable.
In addition to the image generator we then find the undressing tool, which is the one that interests us most, but it can only be used by registering.
PornX offers a very valid and versatile undressing tool, this is very easy to use and has a few selectable tags, which are grouped according to the male / female gender you want to undress or change.
In addition to nudity, through tags it is possible to add other types of details to the character represented in the photo, such as lingerie, tattoos or bikinis.
The number of selectable tags increases using the premium version of the tool, which can be accessed by purchasing tokens (1 modified image = 5 tokens).
Although the operation is very similar to its competitors, i.e. by uploading the photo you want to nude and clicking “undress”, PornX offers an extra step that increases the speed of generating the new image; in this phase the user is asked to select the areas in which the algorithm must modify the image so that the modification is localized to these areas and the generation is faster. Very smart.
The nudifier function can only be used for free 3 times and only after registering.
Other features worth mentioning of this site are the ability to create videos, the ability to improve or retouch photos created or uploaded and the previously mentioned custom pose and custom face functions.
Clearly, all these functions are paid for, which occurs through tokens that can be purchased both occasionally and through a monthly subscription.
If, in addition to undressing, you need the functions listed above or you need to choose your AI porn site with some care, pornX is the choice you can make with your eyes closed.
Furthermore, its gallery is freely available, each creation is saved on its free image hub where anyone can enter to browse the creations of other users. This is unless users are premium subscribers who have specifically requested not to publish their creations.

PornX Pros:

PornX AI Cons:

PornX offers several paid subscription options; you can purchase tokens one-off or sign up for a 1, 3, 6 or 12 months subscription, which guarantees a certain number of tokens each month.
The following payment methods are allowed:


xNude is the AI Nudifier site produced by the guys at PornX which, as we said above, is probably the most famous and complete AI porn site around.
While its parent site, PornX, is packed with features and tools, xNude focuses primarily on undressing, although it features a modest porn image generator.
The nudity tool is the exact same as pornX, the colors of the theme change, but the substance is the same.
Some differences between the two sites are that there is no custom pose tool, and the custom face one has a dedicated page which is not on the same page as the nudifier.
The dedicated page displays the xNude custom face together with a prompt line where you can enter the description of an image you want to generate. The generator can be used alone or in combination with the custom face tool. While it works for free, for the second, you need the usual tokens that here can only be purchased one-off.
Unlike PornX, there are no monthly subscriptions and card payments have not yet been enabled.

xNude Pros:

xNude AI Cons: provides 6 purchase options based on the number of tokens you want to buy.
You can purchase from 125 for 4.99$, to 10000 tokens for 279.99$.
For the moment only Crypto payment are allowed:

Clothoff is a nudifier site that exclusively deals with this function and does it exceptionally well. Therefore, we can define it as a real nudifier and not a multi-tool site.
You won’t find other functions like generators, chatbots or anything similar.
Clothoff only deals with undressing: all you will find is a page where you can upload the photo to nudify, and one where you can buy credits.
The site offers you the opportunity to try its potential as you have the opportunity to strip a photo for free before purchasing credits.
The results are crazy… we couldn’t believe our eyes.
Although the other typical AI functions are missing, the main one of undressing is carried out in an ultra faithful manner, so much so that even the most attentive eye will have difficulty recognizing the presence of the artificial intelligence.
Images produced appear to be real nudes of the person depicted, and not processed by an algorithm.
If you are looking for a site because you are exclusively interested in the nudifier function, Clothoff is without a doubt the right solution.
Furthermore, you are not obliged to sign up for any subscription as the purchase of coins for generating images is a one-off.

Clothoff Pros:

Clothoff AI Cons: provides 4 purchase options based on the number of tokens you want to buy.
You can purchase from 3 coins for 2$, up to 150 ones for 40$.
The following payment methods are allowed:


PornGen is another multi-function site that uses artificial intelligence to offer more adult options to its customers.
Unlike sacred monsters like PornX, this site is created quite recently and has a very original color scheme (this year we bet everything on purple).
Despite its young age, PornGen offers a cutting-edge entertainment experience with various features available to the public.
In addition to the undressing function, which we will consider in detail later, the site also offers the possibility of generating both realistic and hentai-style porn images, converting real photos uploaded into anime, and replacing the face of the character present in a multimedia file.
While this last function is called Face Swap by most AI porn sites, PornGen has decided to give it its own name; here it is, in fact, called Face Morph.
This works broadly as for other sites, i.e. by uploading the photo or video for which you want to replace the face, uploading the photo or video in which the chosen face is present and clicking Morph now. The supported upload formats to use this feature are .jpg .png .heic and the cost is 50 gems per generated content.
Its image generator has a simple and quite common operation; it is divided into 3 sections: one for realistic images, one for hentai, and one for the image tool, which transforms a photo uploaded by the user into anime style.
The cost of each image generated is 25 gems; note the refinement and the number of selectable tags, which is truly impressive.
But let’s not go into too many other details; PornGen, in fact, was born as a nudifier tool, and most users end up using it for this function.
The nudifier on this site is without a doubt one of the best around and this mainly depends on the quality of the results, the ease of use, and the possibility of adding details such as micro bikini, cum, milk coming out of the tits and much more, by clicking on the relevant tag.
The cost for each photo processed is 50 gems, which, according to our calculations, should correspond to between 30 cents and 15 (unless you buy the pack of 10 million gems, which saves you quite a bit).
In general, the site works very well and offers very high-quality products, plus, support is at your complete disposal for any questions.

PornGen Pros:

Porngen AI Cons: provides 5 purchase options based on the number of gems you want to buy.
You can purchase from 3000 gems for 19.99 $, up to 9999999 ones for 599.99 $.
The following payment methods are allowed:


NoDress is a name that says it all.
We are talking about a site highly appreciated for the quality of its undressing services, which, for now, focuses exclusively on this function.
Its team is developing the additional face swap feature, which is not active yet. Otherwise, the nudifier option works great.
The site has a simple and essential structure, and once you have registered, you can try its potential for free.
A significant difference compared to other AI nudifiers is the promise that its tool will soon also work for undressing male subjects, and this is no small thing.
The proliferation of this type of site has in fact neglected possible female users, making it possible to nudify only female characters via artificial intelligence. has decided to add cock to its algorithm, and soon, girls will also be able to have fun by virtually undressing their favorite characters in photos.
We are waiting to see this new function operational to see how it behaves. In the meantime, we can say that in addition to traditional nudity, it is possible to add some sexy details to the character in photos, such as sexy nurse onesies, BDSM costumes, or lingerie.
Generation costs 1 credit if you want a normal resolution photo via the basic algorithm, while it costs 2 if you opt for a 1024×1024 resolution via the premium nudifier.
The cost of the credits varies based on how much the user wants to spend, and each one costs around 50 cents.
One thing to be careful about is their validity. Even if the purchase does not involve subscribing to any monthly subscription, the credits purchased have an expiry date that varies based on the purchase amount.
The site works well as does its customer support; if you don’t have particular needs related to other AI functions missing here and just need a practical and simple-to-use nudifier, NoDress is an excellent choice.

NoDress Pros:

NoDress Cons:

NoDress Offers a range of pay options; you can purchase from 5 credits for 1$, to 900 for 50$.
Credits have an expiration time.
The following payment methods are allowed:


X-Pictures is another AI porn site with several usable features and a massive gallery of images generated by its users that can be consulted for free.
In addition to the classic functions such as the image generator, the video generator, and the nudifier, X-Pictures offers a unique and very particular service called X-Insta.
Through this section of the site it is possible to undress the character depicted in any Instagram photo, just paste the link of the photo or photoshoot in question and have enough tokens to access the service and that’s it.
You might think that this option is useless given that it would be enough to download the photo from Instagram and then process it by the nudifier of the same site…and in fact, it seems exactly like that.
The only advantage it offers over the nudifier is that it recognizes all the photos present in the Instagram link of a photoshoot and gives the user the choice of which ones to nudify and which ones not.
This pre-service costs 3 tokens, while undressing costs 12 tokens per photo.
Another very useful function that is not very present among competitors is upscale. This feature allows you to improve the resolution of existing photos in an incredible way.
If you have bad photos that don’t let you sleep at night, this tool can help you recover them and finally find peace of mind; the only flaw is that to use it, you don’t just have to buy tokens but you have to sign up for a weekly, monthly, or annual subscription.

The site works very well in all its functions and is one of the best at generating high-quality images.
Upon registration, the user is given 45 tokens for free, which can be spent on any of the functions mentioned above.
X-Pictures is an excellent site and has earned its place in the Olympus of multi-purpose AI porn sites.

X-Pictures Pros:

X-Pictures AI Cons: provides 6 purchase options based on the number of tokens you want to buy.
You can purchase from 100 gems for 9.99 $, up to 3000 ones for 99.99 $.
Plus, it provides 2 periodic subscription options which can last from a week to an year.
The following payment methods are allowed:

Make Nude is an undressing AI porn site that has been active from 2021.
We are talking about one of the first nudifier sites in circulation, which to date has over 50000 subscribers and almost 2 million images processed.
It presents itself as a very simple and clean site, it has no other functions besides the nudity, and it is not possible to try it for free, as each photo successfully processed costs 2 credits.
Note that if the algorithm is unable to nude or process the photo, the credits are not deducted from the user, who can use them to nude another photo, perhaps less problematic for the algorithm.
It is in fact important, for any nudiser, that the photos and the character represented in them are taken in a certain way and with certain well-defined positions, otherwise the AI will not be able to strip the contents.
It is clear however, that after all these years of experience, makenude’s nudity algorithm is one of the best around.
The tool works by returning the best results, with high resolution details and soft and sinuous stripped body lines.
Although the other typical functions of multi-function porn sites are missing, it is certainly one of the best undressing sites on the market.
We highly recommend it.

MakeNude Pros:

MakeNude Cons: Offers 5 pay options; you can purchase from 30 credits for 9.99$ to 3000 for 299$.
The last option for 3000 credits is called the enterprise one, and it adds to its offer the possibility to check API and documentation, a Dedicated manager, and a custom Marketing plan.
The more credits you buy, the more you accumulate discounts for future purchases.
The following payment methods are allowed: is among the simplest and most essential nudifiers that you can find around.
It presents itself as a single-page site in which there is one button through which you can access the upload of the photo you want to undress.
For new users it is possible to use the partial undressing function for free 2 times, i.e. the one that allows you to replace clothes with lingerie or bikinis.
From this we understand the potential of the site which works very well: the results have excellent resolution and harmony of details.
If you are looking for a simple, affordable, basic nudifier, but one that delivers excellent results, is your destination. Pros: Cons: provides 3 purchase options based on the number of credits you want to buy.
You can purchase from 15 credits for 10.09 €, up to 600 ones for 44.95 €. Each image processing costs 1 credit.
The following payment methods are allowed:


Those of my generation, i.e. the old ones (or boomers as they are labeled today), will remember those X-ray glasses that were sold by mail order from the mid 1970s until the late 1980s.
This is a real legalized scam that was promoted mainly by some magazines, even high-level ones; the sponsored product was precisely these glasses with pinwheel-shaped lenses, which were sold as a miraculous object capable of undressing anyone thanks to the X-ray technology present in their lenses.
All you had to do was put them on and you were able to see anyone who passed in front of their visual spectrum naked…at least that was the bewitching text found on the product description.
Once you ordered the product, it arrived at your home (yes… they really arrived!), complete with the words “X-RAY GLASSES” written on the box, so there was no shortage of embarrassment when the postman delivered it to you.
Sad was the discovery when, upon opening it, you saw that it was nothing more than two colored cardboard lenses with two holes in the center…ahh, what good times.

Personally, I have never known anyone who had purchased them, but many were sold for years, and even many “serious” companies began in that period to create divisions and holdings with which to market that and other crap coming from the uncle’s Sam state.
For information purposes, we also report the name of their author, Harold Nathan Braunhut, born in Memphis in 1926 and, at least from our point of view, an immense genius who was able to create his economic empire from nothing.
To date, almost 50 years have passed (shit..), and human beings do not seem to have any intention of giving up on scams, which, however, have been significantly modernized thanks to technological progress.


But this is another point, we are not anthropologists, mass psychologists or historians; we like porn and tools that make you horny, so we decided to put up this site with the hope that all those who at the time were made fun of, can find a little redemption through the tools that we want to present to you here: the AI Nudifiers.
Now it’s possible…“It can be done!” as Gene Wilder, the doctor from the famous film Frankenstein Junior, would say.
Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is now possible to undress anyone, all you need is a photo of the subject and an internet-connected device…we are not yet at the results desired by the legendary Harold’s X-ray glasses, but the road is open.
It is still full of curves and obstacles, but what seemed unthinkable until a few years ago is now available.
The tools you see above, and on which our site focuses, are all applications with which all you need is a digital photo of the interested party and a device connected to the web to be able to literally undress that subject. Simply upload the photo, click on “nudify” and wait for the site or application to generate a new photo of the same subject without veils.


The operation is typical of AI technologies and mainly consists of an algorithm that recognizes shapes, dimensions, and spaces and recreates the structure of the image we want, drawing on a huge archive of digital data.
In this case, the algorithm recognizes the main geometries of the dressed subjects and replaces them by modelling the material in the archive.
From here, it is easy to understand that the image generated does not exactly reproduce the nudity of the previously dressed person, but recreates it by drawing on a network of data combined according to some rules.
The reality of the facts is precisely this: these sites do not strip the photos, but recreate them according to the instructions of the algorithm and according to the combinations of the data available on their server.
This difference must be underlined, and it is essential.
The results are, however, very good, so much so that given the state of the art, it is really difficult to distinguish one thing from another… the nude photos generated are damn faithful to reality and recreate the initially clothes obscured body parts, in a fluid and precise manner.